Thursday, December 26, 2013

how we got here

our lips wash together,
painting letters of silken promises.

our souls stir together into blurry, warm colors.

all our moments of being broken or blessed,
ripple together
in an endless ocean of passion.

We sink together under gentle waves,
and come up for air,
breathing in droplets of salty pearls,
bursts of sun,
explosions of Life.

the waves become stronger, 
crashing into our tender bodies,
so we lower together
underneath their stormy sound,
into a silent, peaceful place unto ourselves.

Holding eachother in a deep, boundless dream,
we soak in the quietude,
forgetting breath and life lies above.

we merge into the darkness around us,
exploring the depth of our touch,
stretching into the expansiveness around us.



you are gone.


I  don’t  remember  how  we  got  here,
only  that  we  were  holding  hands.

the pressure of the ocean depth closes in on my chest.
my muscles grow weaker and weaker.

Seaweed grabs at my ankles,
wraps around my legs
like a slithering, suffocating snake,
pulling me towards the ocean floor.

I  don’t   remember   how   we   got   here 
   only    that...

I am unable to see anything around me.

The dark, cloudy waters have no stirring of life,

no present or past.

the blackness presses against my face,
tears open my chest.

I  don’t   remember   how    we    got   here...

Salty, sharp water pushes its way into my throat,
cutting through to my lungs,
each drop,
a shard of glass
scraping through with its powerful force.

 I     don’t    remember 


  got here...

I             don’t








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