Tuesday, December 2, 2014

inside my house (lyrics)

I'm all alone inside my house

traveling nowhere soon...

nowhere soon.

as I dance alone inside my house
the ceiling is closing in
there is no way out.

People outside are flying flying
through their window sill

People outside are sailing
in the clouds outside my room.

And we have made the Rain from our own dew

fallen from our dew

fallen from our dew

Little I hold from the time we spoke
 our first words

watching the fire falling from the sky

where was the moon that eve?

was she watching our demise?

Birds in the winter hum outside my room
do they speak too,
of stories lost and through?

As I'm locked away inside my house
singing songs softly

nobody can hear.

Can we join our separate melodies?

from our separate lives?

Will the song still play

as I close my eyes?

Will I dream of you

in this lullaby?

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