Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dear friends,

~thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou~

beauty breathing beauty

Dear Chloe,
I think of you everytime I say thank you.
(which is a lot sometimes)
((and those are good days!!))

Imagine! If those were the only 2 words in the English language--
or in the whole-wide-world-language.
And everyone just walked around saying:
"thank you THANKYOU thankyou or THANKS!
There would probably be less arguments!
And maybe since we'd have no other words,
we'd communicate everything else with dance.
So there'd be an "I'm hungry!" dance
an "I love you" dance
(which would look a lot like a hug)

So people would be all over the streets
wigglin' their butts
tappin' their feet
jumpin' all around
if people were angry...
their dance would be VERY BIG.
They'd spin in circles with their arms flinging about.
It would be quite a scene!

What if...
instead of war (and killing people)
there'd be dance-offs.
We'd dance like wild! All night!
And the team that out-dances would get the country
(or money or whatever else people fight a lot about).

What if...
the dancing just got RIDICULOUS
and people started laughing and couldn't stop???
Both teams would be rolling around the field
until they forgot what they were fighting for.
or maybe...
they GOT what they were fighting for.

cause in the end,
don't we all just want to laugh?

Swan Flower

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