Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm in the NY Times!!!!!!!

today I'm famous...
tomorrow I'll be recycled!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

will i find home?

I've been thinking
(all day and all night)
(for the past month)
((or year!!))
--about this collective house I'm trying to form--

and I wanted to say (or write):
------     ----      -------
I am wary of romanticizing a shared-living environment.
I know that living with a lot of people can bring in a MESS of issues
(especially when there are dishes to wash).

I am looking forward to a --different kind of hard--
(after feeling very alone for 3 years).

I am ready for a relationship!
And am prepared to take the WHOLE package.

sometimes it's stressful,
or just plain annoying!

As with love and romance....
I don't (anymore)
in magic 
or in "falling."

Love to me, is grounded in a shared understanding that we as humans carry around a LOT of issues.

and there is no escape
from life's heaviness.

Instead, I want to look it directly in the eye...
and confront the challenges of sharing a life,
expecting nothing more
than to learn
and to try.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love love love
the woman that works at the China Town Bus Stop.
She asks everyone that walks by:
"where are you going?"
(even people that aren't taking the bus!)


I want to ask EVERYONEinTHEworld
where they are going!

"Why are you going?


Maybe people are only going because no one is asking them to stay!

wouldn't it be nice
if Going -- [stopped]
we all stayed in one place
(for a moment)
to color,
and look at twinkling stars.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

what if...
everytime someone cried...
there were a signal sent out
(like a bell)
((that's loud enough for the WORLD to hear)

the bells would be non-stop?

so people would know that they are not alone in their tears!

or maybe...
you would cry, the bell would ring,
and it would tell you the location of the closest person
that is also crying.
you would go to their house...
and cry together!
(and even make a friend?)

what if
there were a place----
the Crying Center?
(every neighborhood would have one)
and there would be lots of
pillows, tissues
whenever you felt a cry coming,
you'd stop by the center.

Next door to the crying center would be
the Laughing Center,
where people would hang upside down from trees,
(there'd be trees inside).
and there would be non-stop giggling!

But the walls would be thin between the crying and laughing center,
so you'd be reminded of one
when you're THICK in the other.

You could even go back and forth!

OR or OR or OR

you were having a bad day
you would get to put on a shirt
called "the bad day t-shirt"
and EVERYONE in the city would know of it!

and if you saw someone wearing the shirt
you'd go and give them a hug
or even a lollipop?

or maybe a bad day hat...
so you could take it off easily
(after the lollipop cheers you up!)

Monday, September 7, 2009

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