Monday, January 12, 2015

what am I?

call me anything
but by my name.

What am I?

I am walls narrowing in.

a fog smothering your vision
so you can't see anything

but gray gray gray.

nothing has come before me,
nothing will come after.

I blind your vision.

I am a bully that tells you that you are alone.

that there is no one for you to trust.
that you are a failure
and will never be good enough
never be love-able enough...

I am a mirror
that only reflects lies.

I surround you with stories
until you don't even realize
that you're not seeing
anything but me.

I am everything you know...
everything you hear.

What am I?

I am a weight crushing you.

I draw your eyelids closed,
so sleep is the only thing
that isn't so much effort.

every step is a steep climb.

you are out of breath
from simply trying...

to breathe.

What am I?

I am a string that weaves itself
around and around your neck.

I am a voice that won't stop shouting.

What am I?

I am nothing.
I am emptiness.
but I take everything from you.

I kidnap your mind.
I weigh down your body with bricks.

What am I?

Call me anything
but by my name.

for once you name me
I start to lose my hold on you.

I will return
again and again

to knock you over
and smother your life.

and you will remember
again and again

to call me by my name:


and you will reclaim your mind
and learn who you really are

the more you know me
as  not you,

the smaller I become.

and you will stand watching.

guarding your life.

For I am always just around the corner

waiting for you to forget
my name.

Friday, January 2, 2015

I will not
bow down to you.

you, that roars through valleys.

you, of which I am filled.

I would rather trust something solid and full.

a mountain...



but the Strongest of Rocks
erodes by flowing water still.

that which changes
takes us all.

Listen to the sound of rain...
the rhythm unsteady
each drop a new pattern
its own unique sound.

Listen to the ocean
whose waves curl in and out
in no certain shape
and unmetered rate.

Watch it appear
and then hide...

here I am,
I am gone

here I am,
I am gone

happy new year

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