Friday, October 31, 2014

not my own (lyrics)

I don't know
what comes or goes
only time
will show

when we wake
will we feel
the same 
as yesterday?

if you leave
I will dream
of flying free

loving me

a seed begins
untouched, unseen
below the earth

can I wait
and let it rise
or let it fall
to be or die

by wind or rain
or sun or sky
but not my own
will make its life

and with my hands
I'll fly....

can I trust
that it will be
what it will be

unknown to me.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Too Much Kindness

on the subway today

no.  one.   would.   sit.

unless everyone could sit

people kept shuffling around

no, you take mine

no, you sit.

no, you have my seat.

until it became a dance

up and down

bouncing around

kindness in perfect choreography.

night-sun's lullaby (lyrics)

along the ocean in the 
sweeping wind
I saw the night-sun

into the water 
of our sparkling dreams

I heard the night-sun

arise my new day
so that the people can wake
from their darkened place

be here thy light
for them to open their eyes
remembering what they knew

and while the moon melted into the sea
its glow lasted radiantly

and the world in the sea
drank its nectar in glee

will we swim marvelously 
in the new day she brings?

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