Wednesday, April 22, 2015

while we are together

a piece
for 10 voices in a tunnel
from may 2012

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

locked outside (lyrics)

i stayed hidden
by your restless eye
that looked around and around
but never right through

so I left my body
right there
by your side
for you to hold 
but not know

for me to give
but not show

and when I returned
I found the time we could have shared

had passed
had passed

us by.

you were waiting.

you were waiting.

you were waiting

but I was locked outside.

You had said
don't feel too much

you had said don't fall too hard

let's merge our bodies
but keep our hearts far apart

so I shut my eyes 
so I couldn't see
anything of you
pouring into me

and I left my body
so I couldn't feel
you there
or gone

you there or gone

you were waiting

you were waiting

for me to arrive

but I was locked outside

*copyright 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

bless you too (lyrics)

the beauty of our dreaming
is never meant for keeping
we pass the moment sweeping
through the silent breeze.

and while we are together
we'll hold eachother sweetly
but if you stay in my arms
we'll wither away dry.

We saw her through the window sitting still, sitting still
with no breath left within her
her god's will, her god's will

She blessed me in the morning
and greeted me through nighttime
I'm thankful for the way she told me
you take care my girl.

She's flown away----

now I'll bless you, dear Faye,

I'll bless you.

All that's left for knowing
is my own life as precious

She's flown away
as I will too

I'll see you soon

my Faye.

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