Saturday, October 29, 2016

midnight train (lyrics)

We were flyin’
so high in the night

In clouds of black
and dusty gray

Stars in glass bottles
were guiding the way

And far below the midnight train
was howlin’ howlin,

howlin my name.

The air was so black that I couldn’t see
So I drank and I drank
Trying to find
A little of you,
A little of me.

But soon the sun would find its way
Burning everything aflame.
The droplets that I knew of you
Would vanish, vanish, vanish too.

And the midnight train was howlin’

And we pretended the sun wasn’t comin’

High in the night
Far from the ground below.

Would we ever linger
into dawn,
into day,
into yellow-orange sunlight
hours and hours away.

We've only met in hazy dreams
Of dark dark skies
In silken waves
Of moon-lit night.

For when the Sun comes with its burning flame
Your misty body flies away
Flies away
Flies away

My only wish -- to kiss you in the sober light of day.

But you are my Knight of shining dream-light
The soul that only breathes at night
The face that never can be seen
Unless I’m wanderin’ through a dream.

So tonight I’ll stop the sun from coming in.
I’ll fly above our clouds our stars our night
To cover the sun
In a blanket of gray
Its light will be hidden
The night will remain.

And holes in the blanket will make tiny stars
And we’ll be tucked into each other
Our one night, now so much longer.

And the midnight train will keep on howlin’

But we’ll be howling too.

listen to the song here

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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