Thursday, October 8, 2009

hungry wind

The Wind is really hungry today.

it's eating hats, branches, wigs and leaves.

I'm lucky I was able to write these words
without it gobbling them away!

Do you think when the wind falls asleep
the stolen items will come falling down?

What a mess!

No one will no what is who's!

Glasses landing on the wrong heads,

and everyone will have mis-matched shoes!

What if the wind not only stole THINGS
but FACES?

so for a day
there'd be
smiles, eyebrows, and noses
trading places.

If you were in a grouchy mood
would a smile blown to you
cheer you up?

if you got your friend's nose from across the country.

Would you have to mail it back?

It would be a problem if people preferred their new features.

The others would be left
with missing brows and lashes.

No one would recognize eachother!

If no one looked liked themselves
how would we know who to love?

or by that time,
would we finally love EVERYONE?

pictures from here and here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sky ladder

what if...
you had a very tall ladder
that could climb a very tall tree...
and at the top
you could peer into tomorrow!

(but then climb back into today)

picture from here

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