Thursday, November 19, 2009

what if...
you had a
plastic hat

full of water

and in it
you could put
your pet fish!

So, when you left for work,
you could put on your fish
and they would share your day!

Maybe you'd even coordinate which fish to bring
and what color tie

that way the Outside would take you seriously.

What if...
the hat were SO TALL
that it went into the sky!!!
and then...
fish and birds would be eye to eye.

however would you get it off?

maybe you'd just walk over to the ocean,
tip it off
and say goodbye?

if you could wear the world's tallest plastic hat
what would YOU put inside?

There were
glow in the dark popcorn!

so that
in a dark room,
a popcorn machine would look like fireflies!

or maybe you could carve different shapes out of the kernels
so each one would pop into a different creature!

and they would be glowing and popping
just like a glow--in- the --dark- popping- zoo.

maybe you could even get really big kernels
in a really big glass popcorn maker
and people would think you had poppin' pets!

it would take
r-- e--- a---- l---- l---- y
just to eat one kernel.

Would people have to make longer movies?

What would it be like to nibble something so bright?
Would people look like they had fire in their cheeks?

you lived on top of a GIANT popcorn factory
your floor was glass!!!

so, everytime you looked down
you'd see
popcorn hitting your feet.

the dance parties at your house.
(especially at night!)

it would be like tap dancing on shooting stars.

Maybe in parts of your floor
there would be holes for the popcorn to come flying up
the dancers could always grab a quick bite.

and What If
each kernel were a different color?
You'd be living on top of the 4th of July!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm already


then why


of braking again?

Monday, November 9, 2009

What If...

for a day...
we put down our cellphones
forgot to check facebook

and instead

looked at one stranger in the eye?

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