Friday, May 23, 2014

mermaid parade (lyrics)

a summer day of rain and whistles
black flies biting
mermaid giggles

and while we whiled away the afternoon

the silken sand of wind and willow
willow weeps but still tomorrow
I won't speak of you or you of me

I see you riding by the corner
as I'm tucked beneath the awning
hiding from your shadow in the rain

we'll never speak of love......

we'll never speak of love....

in the mermaid parade
on that wild windy day

we couldn't keep the tide from comin' in.

can the past burn into ashes?
can our ashes spread to soil?
can new seeds be pressed below it?
and new life sprout from above it?

will the plant that then arises
carry something from below it?
will it look like you
or look like me?

will we weep
will we see
will we cry
will we speak

will we know another day
another time
another day

another time.....?

we'll never speak of love....


listen to the song  here

Thursday, May 15, 2014

on the corner

I was sitting on the corner
of 3rd Ave and Wyckoff.

Already thinking slightly  of you

and then

all of a sudden

you whizz by.

You, in your lighting--yellow--bolt- jacket
and tall tall bike
stretching so high---
your helmet catches clouds
like a net in the sky.

I called out your name---
but you were riding too fast,
my shout,
just a blur 
in the noisy street life.

You rode away
and I was left
with piercing in my eyes...

as if I had tried
to stare at the sun.

Like most things
if we look too long- - ---

we become blind.

I cannot hold on to time whizzing by.

I keep my gaze
on what is here.

the kids jumping rope on the corner
the leaves whistling in the wind
I feel my feet touch the ground 
as more bikes and memories fly by.

but I miss your tender heart!
Oh I miss your tender heart!

I will cry out my grief
let if flow from my eyes...

and watch
as it too
passes by.

Friday, May 9, 2014

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