Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Amazon is Burning (lyrics)

The Amazon is burning.
I can feel it in my lungs.
Can you feel it in your lungs?
Greenland ice is melting
I can feel it drowning me.
Can you feel it drowning you?
There is plastic in the water.
I can feel it when I breathe.
Can you feel it when you breathe?
There are children locked in cages.
In my heart, it’s hard to move.
Do you feel it’s hard to move?
There are gun-shots in the schools
I can hear them,
Can you hear them too?
In Puerto Rico they dance corruption out.
I feel the rhythm in my bones.
Can you feel it in your bones?
In Hong Kong they link their arms together.
My arm is pressed to theirs.
Do you feel your arm held too?
Janna, Greta, Emma*
are the youth leading the way.
I will follow,
Will you follow too?
Maya Angelou writes -- I rise, I rise.
I can feel my soul fly higher.
Do you feel your soul fly too?
The song of freedom is getting louder
I am singing,
Are you singing too?
The Amazon is burning
I will link my arm in yours,
will you link your arm in mine?

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